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Living in the Prayer of Jesus Series

In this deep dive into Matthew 6:5-15, David Landt shares a refreshing perspective on the Lord’s Prayer.  Listen to this series and discover the original context of Jesus’s words and understand how Jesus’s prayer experience may have differed from your current prayer experience.  This revolutionary series will help you connect more personally and more authentically with the God of the universe through prayer.

“Prayer and Healing” from March 16, 2020

“Daily Bread” from March 8, 2020

“Not By Bread Alone” from March 1, 2020

“Your Will Be Done” from February 23, 2020

“On Earth as it is in Heaven” from February 16, 2020

 “Our Father Who Confounds the Mighty” from February 2, 2020

“Starting Where You Are” from January 26, 2020



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